A visionary to propel the dance even further and reach for the stars.”-Lauren L.

2016 La Danse Oriental, 1st Place-Prop Category
“2015 Belly Dance Off, Professional Grand Champion
“2009 Belly Dance USA, Professional Alternative Music

Shining is an award winning Professional Dance Entertainer and Educator who has been passionate about the dances of the Middle East, North Africa and the Arabian Gulf for over a decade. Wherever she goes, Shining is known for the quality and excitement of her memorable shows and professional demeanor. She has been hired as the featured entertainment for a variety of events throughout the Northwest from private dinner parties near the Canadian border to dance concerts in Seattle, Portland, and Spokane. Corporate events, weddings, cultural festival, bridal showers and educational retreats are just a few of the occasions that could benefit from the quality and professionalism Shining brings to your event with her exemplary services.

Clients note her knowledge of Raqs Sharqi (Arabic for “Dance of the East”, often called Belly Dance in the West) history and curiosity for the cultures of the Arab/Middle Eastern world as a key ingredient of her exquisite presentation.  By seeking out the most knowledgeable instructors in the field, observing vintage and modern films, and gathering a library of information on the customs, costumes, music and dances of this colorful region, Shining presents a well-educated and constantly expanding creative repertoire with a solid foundation.

Experienced in working with live music of all flavors, Shining is a natural in drawing emotion from the music and bringing the audience into that ecstatic atmosphere. As an educator this is the foundation of her teaching-the immersion of music, movement, and emotion between the band, dancer and audience. She teaches on-going classes and workshops in Raqs Sharqi and performs throughout the Northwest for public and private events, in addition to making costumes and hoarding vintage Arab music. Clients and peers alike have noted her deep respect and admiration for the cultures of origin and a desire to share that love with their own approbation: “Shining is a visionary to propel the dance even further and reach for the stars.”   ~   “… a sublime dancer! She brings good technique, musical savvy, and heart and soul to the stage. She is beautiful, talented and enthusiastic about her art!”   ~   “I would hire Shining for any event where expertise and skill in dance was important and trust her to deliver a professional show at all times.

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