Shining 在中国 | Shining in CHINA

Shining 搬迁到广州, 中国于 2018年4月, 并期待着与您见面!

她为在埃及肚皮舞和美国肚皮舞的初学者高级舞者提供私人课程或集体课程, 以及关于埃及和中东、北非和阿拉伯湾其他国家的历史和民俗舞蹈的指导。

她还可在商务或文化活动, 舞蹈节, 婚礼招待会等演出!

请与她联系 或微信 wechat-png-wechat-png-512 “ShiningPeacekeeper ” 以了解更多信息!

Shining relocated to Guangzhou, China in April 2018 and is looking forward to meeting you!

She offers private lessons or group lessons for beginner-advanced dancers in Egyptian Raqs Sharqi and American Belly Dance, as well as guidance on historical and folkloric dances of Egypt and other countries of the Middle East, North Africa and Arabian Gulf.

Shining is also available for performances at business or cultural events, dance festivals, wedding receptions and more!

Contact her at  or WeChat ID: “ShiningPeacekeeper”for more information!