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Shining has been passionate about the dances of the middle east since her first exposure in high school. For the last decade, she has pursued knowledge of the dances and cultures of the Arab/Middle Eastern world by seeking out the most knowledgeable instructors in the field, observing vintage and modern films, and gathering a library of information on the customs, costumes, music and dances of this colorful region.

She earned her high school diploma a year early in order to devote more time to expanding her capacities as an entertainer and educator through studies in traditional western dance forms, improvisational theater, costuming and make up for the stage, proper exercise techniques and alternative healing arts.

While “growing up” in the Portland dance community, Shining was supported in experiencing music and dance from all over the world at Euphoria Studios, one of Portland’s most recognizable centers for Middle Eastern dance. She was a member of Euphoria founder, Jane Archer’s professional company- performing for festivals, variety shows and other art events along the Pacific Coast before love took Shining to Spokane, where she flourished under the tutelage of A’isha Azar, career dancer from 1974-2014 and founder of Baharat!! Dance Company.

After being featured in Baharat!!’s spring 2011 show, she was asked to join the company, and danced with them until relocating to the Puget Sound region in 2014. During her time in Spokane she was hired for private and corporate events, was a weekly featured dancer for three popular restaurants and helped produce Baharat!!’s twice yearly, narrated cultural dance showcase. From performing for a crowds of 600-800 at the Coeur D’Alene Casino to private dinner parties near the Canadian border, Shining established a reputation for quality and professionalism she brings with her wherever she goes. Since moving to the Puget Sound she has been invited into Karavans Dance Troupe, directed by long time Seattle instructor, Mish Mish, as well as InterMuse Productions, a world arts collective directed by Giorgio Caioli.

You can find her performing and teaching throughout the Pacific Northwest with regular events in the Seattle area in addition to her continued studies of world dances through Helene Eriksen’s ANAR DANA (alumni 2014-2015 & 2015-2016), Sahra Kent’s Journey Through Egypt, on-going classes with Zulaika and periodic training with touring professionals.

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