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Tricia Clark-Gilley (a.k.a Shining)

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Awards & Achievements 

2016 1st Place-Prop Category” La Danse Oriental  (See Video)
2015 Professional Grand Champion” Belly Dance Off  (See Video)
Round 2, Professional Finalist” 2015 Belly Dance Off Preliminaries  (See Video)
2009 Professional Alternative Music” Belly Dancer USA

2016 “Journey Through Egypt 2″ 20hr Intensive Training Certification
2015 “Journey Through Egypt 1″ 20hr Intensive Training Certification
2015-2016 “ANAR DANA Traditional Dance Theatre” Alumni
2014-2015 “ANAR DANA Traditional Dance Theatre” Alumni
2009 “Associate of General Studies” w/ focus in Dance, Choreography, Stagecraft and Healthy Movement Technique

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“Daily Belly Dance Quickies” Newsletter:

Interview for Seattle 2015 Belly Dance Off Competition:

Featured on “Shut Up and Shimmy” Podcast:

Featured performer for Layali Tarab XIV, Spokane, WA:


Shining is an award winning Professional Dance Entertainer and Educator who has been passionate about the dances of the Middle East, North Africa and the Arabian Gulf for the last decade. Clients note her knowledge of Raqs Sharqi (Arabic for “Dance of the East”, often called Belly Dance in the West) history and curiosity for the cultures of the Arab/Middle Eastern world as a key ingredient of her exquisite presentation. Shining is a natural in drawing emotion from the music and bringing the audience into that ecstatic atmosphere. As an educator this is the foundation of her teaching-the immersion of music, movement, and emotion between the band, dancer and audience.  She teaches on-going classes and workshops in Raqs Sharqi and performs throughout the Northwest for public and private events in addition to making costumes and hoarding vintage Arab music. Visit her website to learn more!



“Dance has the amazing function of healing the body and mind while cultivating inter-cultural awareness and respect for differing world views. Raqs Sharqi, meaning “Dance of the East” in Arabic is sometimes elegant, and often messy like day to day life. It is relaxed in the sensual way that reminds you of moments where time stands still…

“Raqs Sharqi is a journey inside the music, through the dancer’s physical and emotional expression of that experience. A well trained and emotionally responsive dancer is able to help her audience connect with music that may be foreign or familiar, dynamic or subtle, and of any emotional quality from ecstatic to despairing.
The function of  this dance in particular provides a connection between what is most human within the performer to what is most human in each member of her audience.”