Belly Dance Classes with Shining!

Learn the Art of Raqs Sharqi (Egyptian Belly Dance)

Intoxicate yourself with the passion of dance, become one with the music and learn how to express the vibrant tradition of Raqs Sharqi! Rooted in Egyptian and Lebanese cultures Raqs Sharqi or “Dance of the East” is an immensely expressive dance form which has been gaining world-wide popularity since the early 1900’s under the western label “Belly Dance”.

In this program we will introduce and develop the fundamental concepts of Raqs Sharqi including movement, musicality, posture and cultural context. No previous dance experience required!

Portland Classes Coming in 2018! 

Stay tuned for developments in Shining’s new Portland class schedule.

Upcoming topics include:

Get acquainted with the core concepts of Egyptian Belly Dance though posture, musicality, fundamental movement technique and dance history. This class will include periodic Research Labs to give you access to hard-to-find educational materials.

We will explore concepts in movement, attitude, attention and projection aimed to giving dancers of any style or experience level tools to create more interesting dance.

INTRO TO RAQS SHAMADAN (Candelabra Dance Int+)
No shamadan required, This series will introduce the history of Egypt’s candelabra dance, explore the movement style of Egypt’s urban entertainers, the Almee, and lay out the preparatory exercises for all-abilities floorwork flavored with the traditional Sumbati routine handed down from Mohammed Ali Street Almee like Nadia Hamdi.

To be announced!

*RESEARCH LABS will be conducted usually once per month at a nearby Portland location. CONTACT SHINING FOR LOCATION (503-504-8774)


What to wear?

Please wear comfortable, close fitting clothing and a hipscarf or belt. Pants or Leggings and a tee-shirt or tank top are excellent, so Shining can see and correct your posture easily. Shoes are not necessary, but if you need arch support many dance supply stores carry specialty jazz or ballet slippers. Notes will be provided but you may want to bring a pen and paper to add information to your handout after class. Drinking water is available at the studio or you may bring your own.