Skype Lessons

Get personalized training with ease, every class is tailored to your needs and the subject material you want to cover. Skype lessons are also a great way to receive video reviews or performance feedback!

Study in-depth with Shining on subjects like:
Raqs Sharqi Fundamentals
Creating Unique & Interesting Movement
Awalim & Baladi Movement Style
The Oriental Emergence & Vintage Egyptian Dance Routine
Interesting Veil Technique
and more!

Most lessons are 1.5 hours, but can be shorter or longer depending on the need and subject material.

Single Lesson: $70 for up to 1.5hr
4-Lesson package: $250 (save $30! $70 x 4= $280)
8-Lesson package: $500 (save $60! $70 x 8=$560)
12-Lesson package: $750 (save $90! $70 x 12=$840)

*Prices are listed in USD, some flexiblity in pricing may be available for other currencies where the exchange rate is a beast :)

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