All workshops are customizable to the needs of the event and student group.


 Raqs Roots
Egyptian Oriental Dance Through History

All Levels

Slide1An educational program exploring Oriental dance in Egypt though three distinct periods of history, with a look at variances in aesthetics, iconic dancers of the time and cross-cultural influences.

Awalim & Ghawazee Dance (Pre-1920)
Golden Era Raqs Sharqi (1920-1960)
Vintage Raqs Sharqi (1960-1990)


 Raqs Shamadan
(Dance of the Candleabra)

All Levels Welcome,
(Recommended) Intermediate+
18358986_10156255920073902_8514290236826621322_oRaqs al Shamadan is a gift passed down to us from the late 19th century Almee and kept alive by artist of the Egyptian Golden Era like Nadia Hamdi and Aida Nour. Learn how to honor the Mohammed Ali Street traditions while finding your own creative voice for today’s world!

No shamadan required, just bring something to balance on your head (wide based water bottle , half full, suggested)
Dan Hill 2 TBDR 6-22

Beyond the Veil

All Levels

This class is based in exploring the many textures and devices of the veil.  Illustrating a variety of experimental techniques through individual and group work, this workshop is designed to encourage you to find your own unique way of interacting with this common dance prop.

Moving to the Music

All Levels

Raqs Sharqi is the physical manifestation and visual compliment to music both poetic and luxurious! Learn how to interpret the basic musical structure of Egyptian Belly Dance music, and let it guide your body!

Intro to Raqs Sharqi

All Levels

Learn the fundamentals of Egyptian Belly Dance!
We will explore the history, basic movements, and core musicality concepts of this fun and exciting dance! Great for those new to dancing or non “Egyptian” dancers looking to explore their roots.